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Dress Up Like Your Favorite Fantasy Character : 8 Costume Ideas for Girls

The world has countless fantasy characters that are loved by many- kids and adults. Boys have their superheroes while girls have beautiful princesses like Frozen princess and Cinderella. They not just spend hours of their day to mesmerize the brave efforts of favorite character but also want to dress like them.

Halloween is the perfect time for those who love fashion and fantasy. The celebration is an opportunity to enjoy spookiness and wear fantasy dresses from movies and television series. Not just kids but adults too gratify their superhero fantasies during the occasion.

As this year’s Halloween is approaching fast, it is putting immense pressure on people to choose the right Halloween dress that showcases their impressive imagination. If you are looking for a magical dress for your little girl or sister, then here are eight trending costume ideas for girls that will make her dress like her favorite fantasy character and have fun this Halloween:

1. Mermaid Costume 

While it may be a daunting task to sew a mermaid costume at home, you can buy it online for your little princess. Right now, there are various kinds of spectacular mermaid children’s Halloween costumesin the fashion market. 

You can choose one that suits her the best. After that, you can pair the outfit with a beautiful mermaid necklace and a mermaid starfish crown to complete her look for the Halloween.

2. Unicorn Fairy Costume

Undoubtedly, the unicorn is one of the most loved mythical creatures, especially among little girls. If your princess is also obsessed with the character and loves rainbows, a Unicorn wings costumewill be the perfect Halloween dress for her. You can make her look more appealing by pairing the costume with a cute unicorn headband and glittery sandals.

3. Cinderella Costume

When it is about the most magical dresses worn by fictional characters, a Cinderella dress will always be in the list. The blue Cinderella Halloween costume for girls is a popular idea for Halloween this year. Wearing the outfit, your girl will feel like a princess of her fairy world. You can pair the dress with dress up gloves, Cinderella-inspired tiara, and a velvet choker necklace.

4. Bat Girl Costume

If Batman is boys’ favorite superhero, then little girls have Bat girl as their crime-fighting superhero. This Halloween, they can wear a Batgirl tutu costume for toddlerto look like their favorite fantasy character. You can pair the dress with a mask and a matching hair bow to complete it.

5. Witch Costume

If you think your little girl needs a break from pink and glittery dresses this Halloween, a cute witch dress can work well for you. A purple tutu witch costume paired with a floppy hat, cute handbag, and ballerina flats can take her Halloween spirit to the next level.

6. Alice In Wonderland Inspired Costume

Alice in Wonderland is a much loved fictional character among girls. Although there are various depictions of Alice, the blue-colored ruffled dress is quite popular among girls. You can get one for your daughter this Halloween. To complete her look, get a set that includes the dress, removable sleeves, apron, and a bow tie.

7. Mommy & Me Costume

If you want to try something different this Halloween, then get matching mommy & me costumes. There are Halloween-themed outfits that make your daughter look like you. It will not just give you an opportunity to try something new this season but also make your mother-daughter bond stronger than ever.

8. Arabian Genie Costume

Give your little girl a magical look this Halloween with this Arabian girls Genie costume. It is a new trend in the Halloween dress idea section that you shouldn’t miss this year.


These are some unique Halloween ideas that don’t need you to paint your kid’s body with allergic paints. Get the best of deluxe Halloween costumes for girlstoday and let your little lady do the magic.

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