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10 Throwback Hair Accessories That Are Now High Fashion

Hey fashionistas, listen up! You don’t need to use hashtags like #TBT because some throwback hair accessories- including girls flower headband– have already marked their comeback with the style. From fashion weeks worldwide to Instagram, claw clips have started to bubble up. Butterfly clips, which were a trend in the 90s, are again completing an outfit.

Girl Hair Accessories

In addition to hair accessories, several-years-old hairstyles have started to become a synonym for hair trends in 2018. However, vintage headbands and hair accessories are stealing the show with lots of plus points over other vintage trends which recently made a comeback.

From clips to headbands, many relics, which were your mom’s favorite years ago, are slowly becoming staple in the wardrobe. If you aren’t aware of these throwback hair accessories, then don’t worry- we are here to tell you about them! Add these 10 beautiful accessories to your closet and upgrade your fashion game.
  • Scrunchies    
    Scrunchies were cool in the 80s. It was the time when they were impossible to ignore. After a long time, the elastic accessory is in the re-emerging trend. In 2018, scrunchies are funkier than ever. They are adorable, sparkling, and filled with a swag.
    Today, there are scrunchies in many types and colors. Not just women, but the modern-day scrunchies are a part of baby girl hair accessories. For women, they are funky and sparking. On the other side, scrunchies for little ladies are cute and adorable. 
  • Claw Clips
    These cute clips are keeping 90s hair styles alive in 2018. Claw clips were a staple in the wardrobe during the 90s. Before 2018, their trend vanished for some time when only little girls were using these clips. 
    However, 2018 has given a new life to these adorable triangular hairpins. They are no more just a kids’ hair accessory. Fashionistas across the world are using the clips to style their hair and get a middle school look.     
  • Butterfly Clips
    A few years ago, the 90s trend of plastic butterfly clips was slowly vanishing. However, the cute clips made a comeback before disappearing from the fashionistas’ accessory box. In 2018, they are all over the fashion world. 
    Apart from Instagram models, many around the world are styling their hair with these cute and colorful plastic clips. 
  • Large Hair Bow
    The peppy-prepared hair accessory is everywhere in 2018. Whether it’s a major event or an award season, renowned celebrities have made large hair bow a rising red-carper trend. These cute bows have made a comeback recently and remind everyone that the trend is still a feminine. 
    For little girls, these large hair bows are more colorful and bigger than those for women. You can get these inexpensive hair accessories to match them with your little girl’s outfit and make her feel good about herself.
  • Ribbons   
    Although ribbons were never out of fashion completely, they had started losing their charm earlier. However, the glamorous red-carpet season of 2018 has officially announced the comeback of these colorful hair accessories. 
    From several popular celebrities, such as Emily Ratajkowski and Millie Bobby Brown, to renowned Instagram models, everyone is trying the standout style of ribbons. 
  • Banana Clip
    Remember those long, black clips from the 90s that were an extremely popular among girls with long hair? The clip is back in trend today. Earlier this year, models in fashion weeks worldwide donned the hair accessory. Now, they are slowly becoming a part of accessory box again.
    As black is known to be a chic color, everyone wants to add a versatile banana clip to their accessory box. 
  • Comb Headband  
    Some are calling it one of the most amazing throwback hair accessories, others are saying it’s one of the coolest styles of 2018. Although the modern comb headband is an upgraded version, it is more useful and funkier than ever.
    Earlier, the comb headband made its place on the ramp when several renowned models- including Ashley Graham- wore the headband. With the time, it is becoming cool among girls worldwide. 
  • Girls Flower Halo
    In 2018, flower halo is a beautiful crown for girls. It is unique, adorable, and cost-effective hair accessory whose updated version has garnered the attention of fashionistas worldwide. 
    Girls flower halo is a great hair accessory for little flower girls who can wear it for a wedding party or on a special occasion.
  • Pompom Ponytail Holder
    In the 90s, pompom ponytail holders were flirty hair accessories that helped girls of that era to spice-up their hair game in just a few minutes. Those adorable ponytail holders are back now.
    From white ivory to millennial-pink, pompom ponytail holders in 2018 are available in many adorable styles. 
  • Padded Headband
    It is one more hair accessory from the 90s which is high in fashion today. Padded headbands made a chic comeback recently. Although the headband also received a makeover in 2018, it still gives an opportunity to recall your days from the 90s.

These are 10 throwback hair accessories that are now high fashion. You must add them to your accessory box to style your hair and stay updated with the latest hair trends.

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