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How Did Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid Really Get Its Name?

In the sphere of world football clubs, Real Madrid has taken the competition by storm and dethroned their rival club Manchester United. Real Madrid has capitalized on its success and taken steps to double its revenue stream in the past several years – and it’s revenue is not solely dependent on ticket sales for its success. By utilizing alternate means for generating income by promoting sponsorship, using merchandise to net a profit, Real Madrid has set itself apart from other football clubs around the world, and this utilization of multiple methods has set it worlds apart from competing teams, while giving itself a competitive edge that is unrivaled. In order to understand the Real Madrid franchise, however, a person needs to understand the vital history that made it great and the people who have worked so hard to make it what it is today.  Making a visit to Real Madrid is a another great way to understand the greatest of this football club, visit http://www.spanishkicks.com for all the latest information on Spanish football and great deals for football trips.

Don Santiago Bernabeu:

No conversation about Real Madrid can fully be investigated or examined without paying tribute to understanding its inventor. Don Santiago Bernabeu grew up in Madrid. He gained a valuable education at the College of the Augustinian Fathers. He was noted as saying that playing football was the best possible way to keep warm in the yard. While attending the Instituto Cardenal Cisneros, Don Santiago Bernabeu was noticed for his skills on the field, and he was recruited into the youth section of the Real Madrid franchise at the age of only 14 in 1909.

Since the football club did not have its own stadium at the time, the board utilized rented land instead, located on O’Donnell Street. Santiago Bernabeu made a name for himself by preparing the pitch for matches. He even took the initiative to paint the wooden fence which was purchased by Don Pedro Parages.

When Santiago Bernabeu reached the age of 17, he was promoted to be a member of the senior team, and he was quickly selected as team captain by his colleagues. One colleague, Mientras, developed as a player, but chose to graduate with a law degree, fulfilling the wishes of his father.

Building Real Madrid from the Bottom Up:

After the war ended, Real Madrid was left with practically nothing. They had no land to call their own, their team was left in desperate need of talented players, and they had no funds with which to move forward. Bernabeu took matters into his own hands, however, and he reached out to (more…)

Three Tips To Stay Safe During Your Skiing Adventure

If you are planning on skiing down huge snowy mountains for the first time, then prepare for the time of your life. After all, there’s nothing like a challenge, right? Skiing is an excellent recreational activity to try out, but there are a few tips to follow before actually getting out the skis and the helmet. Here is a list of tips and considerations before skiing.


Be aware of your surroundings while skiing. There is a multitude of different objects—or even human beings—which can cause a few accidents. Don’t ski like no one is around; it can be quite an incredible time, but when it comes to hurting yourself or others, it can have disastrous effects. Also, make sure to always look uphill before you go skiing. Snowboarders might be sharing the mountain with you, too; it is a good idea to watch out for them so that you can both enjoy the activities you wish to embark on.

 Proper ski gear:

When skiing, you can’t go out with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This may seem obvious, but this endeavor has specific attire. When it comes to skiing, you will need the following:

  • Socks. These will keep your feet warm. Make sure to wear one pair of sufficient socks because doubling up can actually result in (more…)

Guide To The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Las Vegas, the city of broncs, bull and bling plays host to all the top rodeos in the world for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in December. A person’s Las Vegas experience is incomplete without NFR since it shows Las Vegas in all its colors and flavors with cowboys, cowgirls, jubilant fans and basically, every rodeo enthusiast. It also happens to be one of the biggest events that Las Vegas hosts. Following is a guide to Wrangler NFR –

• About Wrangler NFR – Every night, there will be a variety of things covered across 7 events and a total of 120 contestants will be competing against each other in those events. In order to qualify for Wrangler NFR, every year, PRCA World Standings are taken as a measure to choose 15 contestants who compete in events like bull riding, barrel racing, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, steer wrestling, tie rope roping and team roping.

• Book Early – Wranglers NFR would start on 5th December 2013 and end on 14th December but the tickets start selling months in advance because of the attraction that the event poses for the fans and participants alike. Thus, it is important to book early and this is not just true for the event tickets but also for the accommodation. Book early at The Hard Rock Hotel for special NFR rates and have a great time.

As far as tickets go, it is important to sign up for the lottery ticket drawing. But if you are not lucky enough to get a ticket through the lottery, get a Mad Dash pass which would give you any balcony seat that remains unclaimed.

• Ram Rodeo Live – Rodeo fans are never left without any entertainment and music, thanks to Ram Rodeo live which plays live music for the cowboys and cowgirls. This year’s Ram Rodeo live will have daily and live acoustic performances from the likes of Alexis Bloomer while Flint Rasmussen takes fans through everything that’s happening with NFR in his famous show “Outside the Barrel”. Other performances that are set to happen from 5th to 14th December are by Daryle Singletary, Brit Stokes Band, Josh Thompson, (more…)

Skiing Holiday On The Catskill Mountains

skiing holiday on Catskill MountainsSnow is not something to run away from. In fact, snow on the ground means it’s that time of the year again to do some winter outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a mountain resort to hone your skiing skills, the Hudson Valley region should be on top of your list. Besides the perfect winter environment, the place offers holiday events and athletic pursuits for people of any age. In fact, the Valley offers more than 15 downhill ski centers with a variety of terrains to suit both amateurs and experts.

Bear Mountain State Park

Open daily except during snowstorms, Bear Mountain State Park lies on the west bank of the Hudson River and offers 10-kilometre marked trails for ski enthusiasts. Ice skaters can also have some fun at the outdoor rink that is open from October to March. If you want some downtime, go fishing on the lake and river or have a relaxing drink at the shaded picnic groves.

A popular landmark of the Park is the Merry-Go-Round with its hand-painted scenes of the park and 42 hand-carved seats of native animals, such as the black bear, Canada goose, skunk, wild turkey, and deer. The only place you can’t visit during the winter season is the 1,305-foot Perkins Memorial Tower situated on top of Bear Mountain. But you can always come back again to the Park and see something new in spring!

Belleayre Mountain Ski Resort

Off of State Route 28 in Highmount is Belleayre Mountain, which was declared “Forever Wild” by the New York State Forest Preserve in 1885. Before it was developed as a skiing location, skiers had to hike all the way up, 3,000 feet high, in order to make tracks. Finally, in 1949, trails were made, a chairlift was installed, and Belleayre became a winter skiing destination. Currently, it operates eight lifts, and 55 trails parks and glades and uses state-of-the-art equipment to make the park at the top of the ski industry. Despite its popularity among tourists—175,000 skiers and snowboards a year—Belleayre remains unblemished by commercialization and you will find (more…)