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How Wrong Office Chairs Can be Bad for You

Sitting in an office chair for the entire day and accomplishing assigned task is a tedious task. This can be more problematic if the office chairs you are using are not comfortable and not made appropriately as per the body structure. Many employees complain for lower back pain but fail to spot the major cause for encountering such trouble that is wrong office chairs. Most of the chairs do not provide the right position to the user that further leads to the chronic lower back pain and several other health issues.
The trouble mostly lies in the architecture of the chair that doesn’t allow users maintain the right sitting posture. Usually, people have the tendency of rolling their pelvises backwards while seating for long periods of time. When this slouching position is maintained regularly, it places stress on the discs, resulting into the long term health issues like disc herniations.
Now, the practice of rolling pelvis backwards can be dealt partially by adjusting the height of the chair. Adjusting the height of the chair will help user’s hip to sit in a slightly higher than their knees, whilst both feet resting flat on the floor or on a stool.
Wrong office chairs do not offer support to the lower back to imitate the natural lordotic curve of the lower back. Rather they encourage the backwards slumping motion which position your body in a wrong way. To maintain proper seating posture your shoulder blades, mid back and lower back should all be aligned with the upright support of the chair.
The best way you can work on is to get out of your chair more often. If you are not sitting in a right position it is important to give rest to your body as much as you can. By frequently getting up from your seat, you may reduce the ill-effects of wrong sitting position but you cannot eliminate them completely.
To have a healthy life get office chairs that are made keeping the health needs of employees. If your employer doesn’t provide such furniture, inform them about the ill effects of wrong sitting position. Even if you own a office never ignore the consequences of wrong office chairs.
Office Chairs manufacturing industry in Melbourne is attempting to address some of the structural issues associated with prolonged sitting by manufacturing chairs that provides better support to the back and keep all the ailments away.


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