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Opportunity of Real Estate Business in Bolivia

Now-a-days world population is growing so fast that the earth is growing smaller in respect of giving enough space for the new people. Not only that, some combined families find it comfortable to live separately but some richer people wish to build a second home for a luxurious life. Here lies the need of real estate. In every country the real estate business has become very dignified and profitable.

Bolivia, an independent democratic country is located in the heart of Latin America. It is surrounded by Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. LaPaz is the the administrative Capital and Sucre is the judicial capital city. Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Panda, Montero, Copacabana, Tarija, Torno, etc. are other cities. It has a vast land area but most of land is full of hills and mountains. The population is not more than eight million. Every day rural people are coming to the cities for better life and for business purpose. The country has a moderate climate. It is never too hot or too cold except in LaPaz. Sometimes it is cold for a few days where as it hot next few days. People from all over the countries are coming to Bolivia either for doing business or for living permanently. As a result the need for new houses is increasing day by day.

Since there is a good political stability and people are hospitable in nature, foreigners find it comfortable to reside in Bolivia. To cover needs for additional housing, many local and overseas people are doing very good business of real estate in Bolivia. Some reputed companies are Megalink, Lagunazul, Nuevoasparanza, Pentuachu, etc. Among them Nuevoasparanza is the most famous real estate company. Its Santa Cruz office is located in 2nd ring of the city. It is housed in a highly decorated building. A visitor will get satisfaction at their business policy and conduct. So many sales girls are employed in the company. Everyday they arrange visit to their housing location with the prospective clients by their own company-owned buses. The buses go to the location 3 times a day usually in the afternoon. In the bus they arrange one or two guides who describe the housing plan, cost, etc. In the housing site, the guide led the clients from plots to plot, from house to house. Some plots are with house while some plots are without any house. The houses are of various sizes and design. Of course a big master plan is available in their city office. When a client chooses any plot, he is to fill-up a form of purchase and pays the first installment in the respective bank. The rest of the money is divided into monthly installments according to the demand of the client. Very interesting matter is that just after paying the initial payment, a client can live in the house. Of course, the price is very cheap. The houses are well electrified and has water supply. So there is no problem to reside.

The immigration law of Bolivia is not so critical. Bolivia has her embassies and consulates around the world, e.g. in USA, UK, Cuba, China, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Chile, etc. Generally a visitor needs a return ticket, a valid passport and proof of enough money to cover the trip to obtain a tourist visa for Bolivia. The visitor’s visa is valid for 30 days. Upon entering into Bolivia a tourist has 30 days in hand to live as a tourist. If the visitor wishes to convert his tourist visa into Residence Visa for one or two years, he or she needs to consult with an immigration Solicitor. Immigration Solicitors have their offices around the immigration office building at 3rd ring in Avenue Christo in Santa Cruz city. Almost in all big cities, there are immigration offices for visa conversion. The applicant needs police certificate, Interpol certificate, Address proof, Written reason for residing etc. Of course, the Solicitor will help the client collect the necessary documents. After one year the visa can be renewed for more one year or two years or five years. After obtaining a residence visa, a foreigner can start a real estate business in Bolivia as a Bolivian resident.

Comparatively, the price of land is cheaper in Bolivia. That is why; Canadian, Italian, American people are now in The Real estate business in Bolivia. Still there lies the golden opportunity for foreigners.

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