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Can’t Sell Your Home? What You May Be Doing Wrong

In today’s real estate market, many home sellers are watching their homes sit stagnant with no offers and no interest. When you are trying to move on and create a new life, watching your home sit on the market for months on end can be very frustrating. You must pay to keep the property maintained, and also keep the mortgage paid. Having a property on the market that is simply not selling is one of the most frustrating scenarios any seller can experience. If you

Sold Short Sale Sign and House

cannot sell your home, it is time to decide if you need to take the home off of the market. After all, when brokers see a home that has been listed without offers for several months, they are not likely to schedule a property viewing. Here are some of the biggest mistakes home sellers make, and what you should consider to generate interest fast.

Reasons Why Homes Are Not SellingĀ 

There are two main reasons why a home does not sell in this market: the price is too high or marketing efforts are not targeted at the right buyers. Because of this, you need to review your home’s pricing and the efforts being taken by your real estate agent to get to the root of the problem. While there are other reasons a home will not sell, these are the two most common problems you should investigate before you try to delve deeper.

What You Want For Your Home Vs. What People Are Willing to Pay

Your home has sentimental value. Unfortunately, for you as the seller, sentimental value has not monetary value at all. When you met with your real estate agent the first time, the agent more than likely asked you how much you expect to get for your property. As a typical seller, you were very optimistic and stated a roundabout figure that would make you happy. Some real estate agents are happy to oblige, and others will try to show you comparable reports so that they can list your house for less. After all, pricing your home is (more…)

Opportunity of Real Estate Business in Bolivia

Now-a-days world population is growing so fast that the earth is growing smaller in respect of giving enough space for the new people. Not only that, some combined families find it comfortable to live separately but some richer people wish to build a second home for a luxurious life. Here lies the need of real estate. In every country the real estate business has become very dignified and profitable.

Bolivia, an independent democratic country is located in the heart of Latin America. It is surrounded by Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. LaPaz is the the administrative Capital and Sucre is the judicial capital city. Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Panda, Montero, Copacabana, Tarija, Torno, etc. are other cities. It has a vast land area but most of land is full of hills and mountains. The population is not more than eight million. Every day rural people are coming to the cities for better life and for business purpose. The country has a moderate climate. It is never too hot or too cold except in LaPaz. Sometimes it is cold for a few days where as it hot next few days. People from all over the countries are coming to Bolivia either for doing business or for living permanently. As a result the need for new houses is increasing day by day.

Since there is a good political stability and people are hospitable in nature, foreigners find it comfortable to reside in Bolivia. To cover needs for additional housing, many local and overseas people are doing very good business of real estate in Bolivia. Some reputed companies are Megalink, Lagunazul, Nuevoasparanza, Pentuachu, etc. Among them Nuevoasparanza is the most famous real estate company. Its Santa Cruz office is located in 2nd ring of the city. It is housed in a highly decorated building. A visitor will get satisfaction at their business policy and conduct. So many sales girls are employed in the company. Everyday they arrange visit to their housing location with the prospective clients by their own company-owned buses. The buses go (more…)