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Technology Park For Small And Medium Enterprises

The phenomenon of software Technology Park has made revelation in the field of IT and Indian economy has highly benefited by them. The young Indian work forces for IT and IT enabled services (ITes) are an asset for the development of the nation. However, to accelerate the economic growth of the whole nation, more small cities in India need to come to the core and important infrastructure like software technology parks need to be developed to provide more opportunities for the educated youths from non-metro cities.  The software technology parks are suitable place for establishing small and medium enterprises and investors too get more benefit form these types of infrastructure projects.

The STP is an autonomous body in India and governed by the department of Information technology. Indian software industry needs a proper infrastructure and other facilities to run their business successfully. The technology parks provide that infrastructures and facilities like 24 hr electricity and high speed data communication services to run a business without any difficulties.  

So these facilities are just like value added services for corporate houses who want to set up their new offices in various locations. They can easily provide their services for project management and consultancy services. IT based industrial real estate companies are getting many benefits from the STP phenomenon. (more…)

New Home Security System In Residential Areas of Kolkata

Kolkata is known as the city of joy and the city has a long tradition since the British colonial age.  Once it even used to be the capital of India and now is a place of choice to live in for many Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Now Kolkata is an international destination in South–East Asia and daily flights connect it with various other international destinations. Highly developed industrial nations are connecting to Kolkata for out-sourcing their business.  If you are not in India you can also chose Kolkata as a business destination. The city is always celebrating all kinds of national and international festivals with great aplomb. The real tastes of Indian or Bengali dishes are the special attraction of the city. You can find many more reasons to live in Kolkata. The only reason that makes us worried about living in this city is the security threat in urban living. Suburban living in the newly developed residential places is not fully secured. Many unusual happenings are recorded in the local newspapers about robbery and murders due to low quality security system. Mainly retired people build their dream houses in the Salt Lake and Rajarhat area using their salary savings. They want a peaceful life after their retirements. The New tradition of Nuclear family doesn’t allow all family members to live together in the same house. As a result old people live in those economic flats. These days however, real estates developers are paying more attention on security matters.