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Eco Friendly Buildings Are The New Fashion In Indian Real Estate Sector

For long, many Indians, especially dwellers in big cities have been suffering from sick building syndrome – “a combination of ailments associated with place of work or residence.” But it seems finally developers have woken up and are looking for ways to go green with buildings designs- be in commercial or residential sector. Green buildings – by design try to make the environment inside healthier and better utilization of resources thus making it less stressful on human.

This trend is keeping with what is going on at the global level where scientists and environmentalists are concerned about “invironment” – a new terminology that refers to the quality of air indoor and its effects on health. According to American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers (ashrae)– indoor air quality should provide up to 80% comfort level to people who are exposed to it. According to study figures – American business looses $60 billion every year due to less productivity caused by sick building syndrome. A green building can be termed so only if it meets certain strict parameters set by international leaders in the field like Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED). LEED-India along with the directorate of energy efficiency of the Indian central government (more…)