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Parenting And Safety During Snowstorms

The first safety tip for parenting during a snowstorm comes even before the storm itself – it’s being prepared. It’s vital for you and your child that you have everything you’ll need in case of an outage, such as several gallons of water (not only to drink but also to flush toilets), large quantities of non perishable foods (make sure to have a manual can opener, as one will be needed for several of them), and a first-aid kit.

Snow Storm

Emergency Kits

Other very useful items during a snowstorm are waterproof matches, and a battery-operated flashlight. Make sure you have proper clothes and blankets to protect you and your family from the cold. If you can, stay informed through a self-powered weather radio.

When you have children, it’s particularly important to be well-prepared for the snowstorm, because you’ll be much more confident in dealing with it, thus making them calmer. If you’re unable to deal with the situation which results from it, your child might get distressed and even be traumatized by it.

Stay Together

It is also important to leave your children unattended at any times and not to let them get bored during the snowstorm. Both may result in them going out without your knowledge, with might have serious consequences, even if they’re properly dressed. To accomplish this, it’s a good idea to play board games, read them stories, do some artistic activities or play with them in other ways – doing so will also help preventing them from being too frustrated during the storm, which will give you another problem to be (more…)

My Son Is A Bully – What Can I Do To Stop Him?

Bullying has long-term effects on the victim. Not only can it cause anxiety and stress, but if the bullying does not stop, it can also lead to depression that can persist even into his adulthood. In addition to psychological effects, bullying can also result to health complaints, especially since continuous stress, anxiety, and depression can cause the victim to lose sleep and appetite, or vice versa. If the problem of bullying persists and nothing is ever done to stop it, it can push the victim to retaliate through violent measures such as school shooting cases. In can even push the victim to take his own life and commit suicide.

Bullying also has an effect on the bullies. A study has been done on bullies and it showed that kids who love to torment kids are more likely to become dependent on alcohol and drugs when they become adults. They also have an increased propensity to commit petty crimes such as vandalism, brawls and fights, traffic violations, or shoplifting, which could lead to more serious criminal convictions later in life. Bullies, as adults, also tend to become abusive toward their partners.

Bullying should be stopped since this behavior makes a victim out of both the bullied and the bully. If you suspect your son is a bully, you need to do something to stop him.

Take a Look at Yourself

Children imitate their parents. If they see you intimidating others or always bullying the people around you, they will think that what you are doing is normal and will grow up thinking that it is okay to bully others. After all, your behavior is teaching him that he can get what he wants if he terrorizes people.

As a parent, you need to set a good example if you want your children to grow up as responsible and gentle adults. If you use intimidation and pressure to get someone to do what you want, stop. If you see someone bullying another, then stand up to them and (more…)

5 Essentials For A Children’s Birthday Party

Organising a children’s birthday party will take a lot of planning and preparation. Children aren’t the gentlest critics and you really got to have enough fun and games at the party to make sure they are entertained.Birthday Cake

If you really want to succeed with your party just cover these five essentials.

1. Pick A Theme

Children’s parties are the best when you have a central theme. Picking the right theme is usually not even that hard; you can just ask the birthday hero what he or she would want and go with it.

Don’t panic too much about getting it all right, with some great decorative pieces and themed games you are going to be just fine.

2. Simple Decorations

Children like decorations and it is important to have some at your party. Balloons are great and work with a lot of different themes. You can even write and draw your own things on the balloons.

You can also hang some paper flowers around the room or make paper football decorations to place around the room. When you have a theme to your party then searching for decoration ideas online will be simple thing to do.

3. Games To Play

You should also make sure children have enough things to do at the party. This can keep them from getting bored or doing something mischievous. The internet is full of great game ideas for both outdoor and indoor activities.

For instance, check out Netmums.com for some clever ideas. You don’t even need to organise all the different games if the kids come (more…)

Parenting- Influential Premature Babies

Infographics: 6 Premature Babies Who Were Seriously…




Physicist (Nobel Prize Winner 1921)

Albert Einstein who developed

the theory of relativity, was born three

weeks early on 14 March 1879 and went

on to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics

in 1921. At his birth, Albert’s mother was

reputedly frightened that her infant’s head

was so large and oddly shaped. His parents

also worried about his intellectual

development as a child due to his

initial language delay and his lack of

fluency until the age of nine.


British Naturalist

Born prematurely on Feb 1809

in Shrewsbury, England,

Charles Darwin achieved lasting fame

by convincing the scientific community

that species develop over time from

a common origin. He developed his (more…)

How to Child Proof Your Home with Style

Image by Anna Strumillo

So my best friend in the whole world has fallen pregnant.

She’s always been on about her career or man but now there is a new obsession, babies. Every part of her life has been redirected towards motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the change, and she’s positively glowing! In fact, although children really aren’t my thing (yet), I have tried to support her in every way I know best – organising and styling her house.

Imagine my delight when she told me that my key role (other than being elected photographer at the birth) is to baby proof her house.  Well, guess what? I aim to take this role seriously and undertake this challenge with style.

So what is there to remember? Well, even though the child isn’t even born yet, they grow at incredible speeds so it’s best to cover most things now.

Firstly, all plug sockets should have the classic guards on. Imagine my delight when I came across Rhoost safety covers. Rhoost also offer corner protectors too which is useful. Okay, they aren’t Versace but they look a little smarter than bog standard ones. What’s more, they only cost around £6-£12 apiece.

Next up were the oilcloth tablecloths  and plastic tablecloth range from Wipe Easy. Now these are smart. Easy to wipe down, wash, and they come in a range of patterns. I can really see them being used at dinner and play time. Ranging from £6.99 to £21.99, they aren’t (more…)