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Living Life in the Stars; Celebrity Demands (Part 1)

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Living life as a celebrity has its advantages and these include unusual demands when filming movies, television series or performing on stage. Celebrities have taken these demands to a whole new level, with some celebrities even writing out lengthy documents for backstage crew, hotel managers, chauffer’s and producers to follow.

Image credit to pattygopez via Buzznet

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez prefers her dressing rooms to be a white haven and include white sofas, white candles, white curtains, white tablecloths and white flowers.  She does push this step even further and before any appearance, the path she walks must be prepared to smell like Gardenia. When staying in a hotel she requires Egyptian cotton sheets with a minimum thread count of 250.

Mariah Carey

Diva Mariah Carey has taken her demands to the next level and once even requested a staircase assistant; this assistant had to test every staircase to ensure it was safe before the diva used it.

She has requested some unusual things in her time from custom toilet paper in her dressing room. The dressing room must have two air purifiers and an attendant who will get rid of her used chewing gum.

One public event, Mariah Carey requested that she was surrounded by twenty white kittens and one hundred white doves. Her dressing rooms must always have the temperature set at seventy five degrees Fahrenheit and there must be a lamp so she can turn off the harsh lighting in the backstage bathrooms.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera refuses to waste her time in traffic and this is why she demands a police escort. When staying in hotels she demands organic fruit and vegetables, soy milk and soy cheese, Flintstones chewable vitamins, Nesquick and Coco Cola.

Barbra Streisand

Music sensation Barbra Streisand had a few demands for a London hotel she was staying at. She demanded there were rose petals in the toilet, peach coloured tissues in her room, one hundred and twenty designer bath towels in peach, ten specific designer lamps and her security team were to wear dark sweaters.

Any staff that enter or exit her hotel room wherever she stays in the world are not to look at her directly, which requires them, backing in and out of the room to avoid an accidental glance at the star.

Geri Halliwell

The former Spice Girl has quite a list of demands and once even cleared out the entire floor of a Hilton Hotel to avoid bumping into Steps, a pop group who were staying there.

She even demanded an air conditioned tent, fridge filled with soy milk and fruit juice and a computer with internet access when she performed for the British troops in the Middle East.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has a love for Gulf Stream jets and is the proud owner of one, even though he cannot pilot it himself. His contracts have a clause in them that requires should a plane be needed in the film for any reason the crew must take every possible step to ensure it’s a Gulf Stream.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise managed to get a meal flown from London to Italy from his favourite Indian Restaurant in London to where he was holidaying in Italy with Nicole Kidman.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has some very strict rules and demands and will not under any circumstances travel in a limousine with leather seats. He won’t use any backstage furniture that is adorned in animal print, even if it’s not real and won’t have trees backstage or on set. He will only allow leafy plants such as palms, bamboo and lilies.

Paul McCartney also requires that bomb sniffing dogs do a sweep of all areas prior to his arrival to ensure it is safe.

Robbie Williams 

Robbie Williams enjoys his demands in twos with two boxes of cigarettes, two full length mirrors and two freshly laundered towels. His demands continue to toothpicks, soap, a melon platter, a fruit platter, peppermint drops, soft toilet paper, chocolate and four ashtrays that must be placed in his dressing room. He also advises there should be no alcohol.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have some very unusual demands which include a toilet on wheels, a snooker table, television with access to the cricket matches, HP sauce and shepherd’s pie.

Of course with so many celebrities demanding the unusual, there are many more to see, look out for ‘Living Life in the Stars Series; Celebrity Demands Part 2‘ – with thanks to the ladies at Ladbrokes.