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As a geek or gamer, nothing can motivate and cheer you more than a monthly subscription that brings the comic con experience to your door every month. Receiving valuables, gear and apparel every month is the best way for you to keep up with the things you love. Loot crate is the amazing monthly subscription that delivers surprising items in a box to your door step.

At, you can get all the collectibles such as figures, comic books, household items, comic books, utilities and wearable delivered monthly in surprisingly curated boxes known as loot crates. Whether you are a gamer, pop culture lover or anime fan, loot crate will always have a collection of exclusive items specifically boxed for you.

The crate options available

The monthly subscriptions available are grouped in fandom categories of crates that make your shopping easier. The first category of crates available is known as the pop culture. In this category, pop culture fans can subscribed for a normal loot crate, loot crate dx, loot anime or loot crate sanrio. Each subscription is designed to deliver you exclusive items from your favorite movies, TV shows, games and many more.
The next category of crates that you can find at loot crate is known as the gaming crates. Under the category, the subscription options available include loot gaming, Halo legendary crate, limited edition crate and fallout crate. In each subscription, you can receive items such as licensed figures, apparel, collectibles and many other items from gaming franchises.
The other category of crates that you can find at loot crate is called film + TV crates. The subscription options available under this category include firefly, marvel’s crate, WWE slam crate, wizarding world, star trek and stranger things. In each subscription, you can receive licensed collectibles, figures, memorabilia, apparel and many other things. Everything you get is based on your favorite films and TV shows.
The last category of crates that is available at loot crate is known as the apparel crates. This category helps your receive awesome apparel and interesting accessories from your favorite movies, games, pop culture and TV shows.

Why people shop at loot crate

Loot crate is an amazing online retailer that helps people mysteriously discover awesome and interesting items that are based on what they love following. Apart from the monthly subscription delivery, you can also buy exclusive items from their loot vault. Gift cards are also available and are part of what makes loot crate an irresistible online shop for all the geek items.
Loot crate also has an interesting way of bringing the comic fans together. They have a community platform where looters can learn about the latest releases and watch clips and trailers. Looters can also interact through the loot crate pages available at various social media platforms. This means that all the fans can be able to discover and discuss about the newest items before shopping for them. They are therefore able to shop wisely.

Deals and offers

You can be able to enjoy great deals and offers on the subscriptions available at loot crate. You can get loot crate coupon and enjoy great discounts. You can get a 15% discount on the First Month Crate, using the code LOOTR15.